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Adam Grinovich

Adam Grinovich



Year of birth: 1981

Place of birth: Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Contact: +46 (0) 70 887 14 28
aedm04 (at)

What makes one movement more interesting than another? Can one, just by making a gesture, inspire an emotion? Can one, just by viewing an object, trigger a memory? How much do marks matter? If I intentionally make a mark in the sand, is it more or less important than if I accidentally make a mark in the sand? If a movement or gesture is made identically by two or more people at the same time, does it become more powerful? Does it become more understandable? Is a very old object more interesting than a new object? Is a tradition or ritual acting? Does the ritual gain value from age? Can repetition change something that is acted out into something that has a meaning?

What I’m getting at here is: let’s strip away the meat, the muscle, the blood of the thing for a second, and just look at its shell, its carapace, its husk, and look at it, in silence.