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Daniela Hedman

Daniela Hedman



Year of birth: 1979

Place of birth: Stockholm

Contact: daniela.hedman (at)

My degree project is a tribute to the earth, to which we are linked in various ways. I place humans in the middle of being of earthly but simultaneously also spiritual substance. Being down-to-earth is not denying your spiritual component, but is rather finding your place between the psychological world and the physical world. In my work I wish to give the observer a close and above all physical experience.

I wish to take up space, and during the last period of my training I’ve given my work open surfaces, and thus now recognize certain problems with calling myself a jewellery artist. My interest is not jewellery, my interest is the body – the body as a tool and inspiration.

I hope in future for an open and easily accessible art scene where I can do further research into the art of jewellery and its limits.