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Emely Ahlsén

Emely Ahlsén



Year of birth: 1974

Place of birth: Stockholm

Contact: info (at)

The Old Timber Store

I’m standing in front of the remains of a building, carcasses and joists. The walls and roofs have been removed but the windows remain – and the sheet-metal gates. The structure frames the emptiness. For me, this former building became a metaphor for man. Our vulnerability when something happens and we lack protection against the world about us – just the skeleton, muscles and the bare head. But there was a key there to the history of the building. Just as the eyes are said to be the mirror of the soul, the windows were the one remaining detail that gave the building life.

I often work on thoughts related to the cycle of life – thoughts about time that passes and marks things. My degree project explores the new dimension created when something opens and allows its inside to reflect its history. Do we need fire, war, ruin, transformation, dismantling and destruction in order to understand the whole, or are there other ways of seeing through surfaces? Is it the changeable structure that fascinates us and allows us to see the possibilities?