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Hedda Bjerkeli

Hedda Bjerkeli



Year of birth: 1976

Place of birth: Oslo, Norway

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What I want to do with my jewellery is to give you, as the viewer, an instant feeling. I want you, as the bearer of the jewellery, to step into it, make it your own and be comfortable with the feeling of the jewellery. The jewellery should give you a pleasant feeling. It should give you a feeling for, and a greater awareness of your body. I want the jewellery to seize the borders that you see defining your body and either make them clearer or move them so that the jewellery now marks the continuity of your body. There is a lot of humor and playfulness in what I do, and I encourage you to laugh with me, because jewellery should be delightfulness and joyfulness in combination with color and materials.

My degree project is about the female body and communication, with sensuality as an important keyword.