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Tomas Axelsson

Tomas Axelsson



Year of birth: 1982

Place of birth: Stockholm

Contact: tomas-axelsson (at)

 Goodbye Animals!

"To the same degree that man has raised himself above the natural state, animals have sunk below it. They have been subjugated and enslaved or treated as troublemakers and violently dispersed, their societies have been dissolved, their work has ceased to bear fruit, they no longer seek fresh paths; every species has lost its general qualities ... What visions can be left in these soulless slaves – these powerless remains of the past?"

Georges-Louis Buffon

My degree project is an observation of how the relationship between animals and man has changed since the advent of industrialism. Animals’ journey from being man’s companion and his extended arm to being nothing but a raw material – domestic pets that have become dependent on their owners for all their physical needs. A gesture of total subjugation?