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Christian Maldonado

Christian Maldonado



Year of birth: 1977

Place of birth: Santiago/Chile

Contact: +46 (0) 73 685 54 87

Everything is an Illusion

Your work feels too pretty! Look more at morbid things.

The professors at the Royal College of Art in London sent me to the Royal College of Surgeons’ museum, which shows thousands of formalin shapes with studies of the human body. Their suffering became our rescue, as a gift to the living. Glass is illusory, but is usually used for everyday objects. Fashion reinforces identity but is also an everyday need. Music can be seen as a market, but it is also a flight from reality.

The basis of my degree project is a collaboration between myself, a fashion designer and a dj. These media are blended to form a scene that represents rituals and illusions.

My work is a story, a nerve, an act from a major performance that later continues.

His gaze was calm. His fine hair floated and formed a wave in the formalin. His complexion was pale, but he still had shimmering rosy cheeks like a child’s. I call him Jessie.