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Ida Nilsson

Ida Nilsson



Year of birth: 1984

Place of birth: Mönsterås

Contact: +46 (0) 73 054 58 29
ida.w.nilsson (at)

In recent years I’ve worked on and off on self portraits in ceramics – sometimes in order to remember something enjoyable and at other times in order to process something difficult that has happened.

My degree project gave me the opportunity to concentrate on a project for an extended period, and this felt like a golden opportunity to focus on the subject of self-portraits, especially with so many thoughts whizzing around in my head before graduating and finishing my education. It gave me a chance to summarize what has happened previously, the way things are now and what my dreams are.

The nature of my work has been investigative, regarding both the inner reality and the materials. I’ve been open with regard to materials, but have taken ceramics and glass as my starting point. It’s now time to test my wings and see what the future has to offer.