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Joanna Günther

Joanna Günther



Year of birth: 1979

Place of birth: Stockholm

Contact: +46 (0) 73 542 53 20

Before You Die 

In 1997 I discovered clay as a material, and above all arts and crafts as a profession. I dreamed of a decadent cultural domestic life with a ceramics workshop, tangled hair and sensible shoes. The illusion was total and the objective set. But after a while I began to question the life of arts and crafts I had once romanticized about. Arts and crafts are more than just throwing-edges.

My work is based on tales of everyday life. The spatial atmosphere where the tales take place is a basis for the story but is not always visible. Despite projects in various guises as films, drawings, text or ceramics, I use a form of everyday rawness clothed in rosy fantasies – a kind of handicraft. The objects must not be so beautiful that they cannot be touched, and the projects must be so real that you can identify with them. The thesis project Before You Die is a tribute to a grandmother – she does not remember that much, but I remember her. She is the most beautiful of all the wrinklies.