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Karin Frankenstein

Karin Frankenstein



Year of birth: 1982

Place of birth: Malmö

Contact: +46 (0) 73 332 31 15
karin_frankenstein (at)

I’m interested in human social interaction in relation to the way we are affected by the materials and environments surrounding us. I’m exploring the possibilities of a new material for the context.

A mixture of clay, sand and cow dung creates a material like concrete but softer and warmer. The cow dung burns like concrete and the material hardens. At the same time it in many ways shares clay’s properties, but liberatingly extends beyond ceramic’s complications, e.g. with regard to drying processes, firing and size restrictions.

Traditionally the material is used in architecture and in ecological construction technology. I lift it from this context and examine how its potential can change and how I can use it in my design.
I seek a tension in the encounter between the rawness of the material and shapes or structures that refer to earlier design eras. My work is governed by the method and the process of direct sculpting in architecture and interior design features without differentiating between them.