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Malin Lindgren Eva Szentivanyi

Malin Lindgren & Eva Szentivanyi



Title: Alice Airways and Time Tamer

Year of birth:
1978 (Lindgren)
1976 (Szentiványi)

Place of birth: Färila (Lindgren)
Göteborg (Szentiványi)


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+46 (0) 70 776 07 18

Alice Airways and Time Tamer 

An oppressivly crisp light filled the airport. With her characteristic protruding right ear, hair scraped back in a bun, dragging cabin bag in her left hand, strode air stewardess Martha Johnson. There was something in the air, something unsettled, not threatening exactly, but taught, crisp as the light.

With short stories as our beginning, we create combinations of graphic design, industrial products, sculpture and costume that are linked by the twists and turns of a tale. In collaboration with the band Norma we connect music and objects in playful scenographies. With dreams as our guide, we shift focus from the large to the small, keeping every element as sharp as the whole.

We underline the value of handcraft. Essential to our design is a concern for and knowledge of our material. With a playful approach we take on anything which captures our eye, be that product design, writing or urban projects.

We call ourselves Alice and it is our pleasure to present Alice Airways och Tidtämjaren. (Alice Airways and Time Tamer.)