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Manolito Quiros

Manolito Quiros



Year of birth: 1973

Place of birth: Växjö

Contact: +47 (0) 41 247 506

Sterile Room 

1:15 am in the Gamla Majorstua bar, Oslo:
The question has haunted me for a while: ‘What type of knowledge do I bring to the field of design?’ I asked some of my friends, who replied: ‘You don’t use the classical concept of design, so in that sense you don’t bring anything new to the field of design but you expand it by interweaving design and art.’

From the installation:
After hours on a wooden bench it’s liberating to get up and go into the room. The first thing you notice is the cold. You put your feet down on the cold, sterile floor. The clear silence in the air is replete with anxiety and fear. Everything is clean, light and peeled off.