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Torbjörn Kvasbö

Torbjörn Kvasbö

This year the Department of Ceramics and Glass is turning out five Masters graduates and nine Bachelor graduates. We are showing projects that use the well known materials of clay and glass to delve deep into current issues, topics and problems and provide new dimensions and insights with the aid of thought-provoking and meaningful visual reflections. More than other visual forms of art, arts and crafts use the narrative possibilities of physical and sensual properties of material, texture, structure, color, shape and design.

A powerful driving force in the design of our department is the will to expand the area in which arts and crafts can be expressed, displayed and handled. The courses at kg take as their starting point specialist workshop based knowledge, with a focus on materials and processes and featuring a strong contemporary orientation. At a time when Swedish art college courses are rapidly and uncritically acquiring new knowledge systems and educational approaches, it is important to stress that the real meaning of art lies in diversity, and that what is characteristic of art is the fact that hybrid practices with a multitude of different interpretations can exist simultaneously side by side without any hierarchical positioning. You don’t have to agree on the view of art, but it is important at the moment to agree on the various courses’ need for room for action.

You can have a big theoretical interest in society and convey this through material and craft based practical art production. It is entirely possible to produce important and powerful knowledge forming art without relating to extensive theoretical superstructures. The link between theoretical issues and advanced knowledge of materials and techniques creates access to a development at a high artistic level. This gives contemporary art new and considerable possibilities.

Torbjörn Kvasbö, Professor of Ceramics Design