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Welcome to Konstfack’s Time Machine

In the February issue of New Scientist you can read ‘Why 2008 could be year zero for time travel’. In the world of science the time machine seems not to be far away, in other words. At Konstfack College of Arts, Crafts and Design it has long been a reality, and this year’s final exhibition is testimony to this. You can experience 175 trips, all with different starting points and destinations, and with an energy and will that no machine can achieve. Just as science seeks to take us to actual places and events in the future or the past, our graduating students take us to places and events that we know little about or can only guess at. They present visions of the future that are inspiring and examine problems regarding contemporary issues. Interpreting the world we live in with the aim of making it into something other than what it has been entails a challenge, regardless of whether the tool be an environmentally friendly means of conveyance, a font, an interactive work, something you have next to your body or a spatial experience. If the future were predictable we would not need this. Everything would be dead and boring. The opposite applies to this exhibition. Life could not possibly be interpreted in a more lively way.   Here you can experience a date-stamped time machine with both a Best Before and a Best After date. Guaranteed not repackaged. Good luck to all of you! We need you to guide our time machine in the right direction.

Ivar Björkman, President Konstfack