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Anna Lundh



Year of birth: 1979

Place of birth: Uppsala

Contact: info (at)

My artistic work is usually based on observations. I draw attention to behaviors and phenomena I wish to clarify or wish to relate to something else. For me, being an artist is not so much about creating but rather about seeing and making visible. I like analysing, examining and turning things inside out. My methods have hitherto included video, photography, installation, text and sound. I do not restrict myself to any single format, but seek a solution that can lend a project an extra dimension – something that evolves and cannot properly be explained in words. Consciously leaving the interpretation open for as long as possible minimizes the risk of getting stuck in an ingrained and comfortable mode of expression. My work’s common denominator is rather the area of interest, the content and the questions revolving around everyday agreements, customs, language, social phenomena, cultural differences, death, time and life.