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Annabell Chin



Year of birth: 1982

Place of birth: Doha, Quatar

Contact: +46 (0) 73 576 393
annabellchin (at)

Credits: Rapidax

I write autobiographical texts that I use as a basis for my artistic work. The medium varies depending on what I want to clarify. When I use video the tempo becomes meditative. The pictorial story Speaking in Tongues has neither a beginning nor an end. In this project I have gathered a number of stories that contain small fragments of reality. Together they form an incoherent world that speaks from the subconscious.

I saw a chef cut a pig in pieces. The little piggy’s eyes enlarged with horror and pain. The pig didn’t make a sound. When the chef was done, he let the pig go. The pig thought everything was normal, and ran happily to her other piggy friends to play. Then when she was standing having the greatest time, she fell apart.