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Daniela Auerbach



Year of birth: 1980

Place of birth: Stockholm

Contact: +46 (0) 70 993 17 91
daniela.auerbach (at)

In my art I wish to discuss issues concerning the concept of identity. One way can be a motif I describe or a story I tell over and over again, but with different expressions. I’m interested in examining things close at hand. My work is about the subconscious. I stage images I’ve already experienced or seen. They are repeats with comments from a new era and with a new approach. I describe for myself in words what interests me in a motif I see in my imagination. I then try to look for the motif, and if I find it I spend some time there. It’s often about a room, though not necessarily a physical one – it can also be a spiritual space or a mood. Narrating teaches me to view the world from different perspectives, which enriches me by the day.