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Joakim Forsgren



Year of birth: 1981

Place of birth: Skutskär

Contact: + 46 (0) 73 631 29 00
joakim (at)

My works usually start with a spontaneous idea for an image. The image encompasses some form of contradiction or absurdity – it can be an electricity cabinet patterned like Barsebäck Power Station, or a bag from the food shop for wearing on your head. I sometimes also base things on found material with a similar ambiguity.

My work often concerns political or social issues, at least on the surface. And it is not uncommon for other subjects to be dealt with, e.g. the search for identity in a world lacking big visions and the beauty of holding onto these imperfect dreams. I try to convey to others the images I find the strongest attachment to. The medium is governed by the concept: a proposal to change the square Sergels Torg is presented in an architectural journal, graffiti translated into Braille works best left in the public toilets, whilst some things go well in the form of a sculptural installation or as a picture on a wall.