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Joshua Webber



Year of birth: 1977

Place of birth: San Fransisco, USA

Contact: joshua (at)

My work is essentially an inquiry into unrealizable possibility.

The Gazebo is a video-installation that narrates a quest. The subject and object of the quest and its outcome are unclear, obscured by a constant displacement of representation. It is my mother’s memory of her father’s dream represented by my visualization, subsequently regarded by the spectator.

It is a presentation of questions meant to remain unknown and unanswered. My hope is that one’s curiosity calls for investigation, but in the end prevails by remaining unsated. For if these questions are defined and answered, they die, along with the purpose and possibility of one man’s journey to an isolated gazebo.

And though it will and must fail: ‘Et il faut le penser sans nostalgie… Il faut au contraire l’affirmer… dans un certain rire et dans un certain pas de la danse.’