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Lars Mattsson



Year of birth: 1977

Place of birth: Stockholm

Contact: +46 (0) 73 715 68 55

A Good Job of Work 

I filled the first page with ink without thinking, in a fit of anger, but when I’d done it I felt satisfied for the first time. The result is exactly what I intended, every time. Anyone can fill a page with ink, and it’s undoubtedly been done before, but it requires time and strength. I’m thus, for once achieving the concept of a good work morale. The actual work input has always had its own value everywhere – hard workers are good people in society’s eyes. You work somewhere, and this doesn’t lead to anything in particular, at least not for yourself, but after a good day’s work you should be satisfied. It pays the rent and makes you an honorable person. You don’t need to aim high, and maybe not even know what it’s leading to – the main thing is to do a good job.