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Magdalena Dziurlikowska



Year of birth: 1975

Place of birth: Warsaw, Poland

Contact: +46 (0) 8 734 93 96
magdalena (at)

My art deals with obsession, the urge to systemize and the pursuit of a personality. I get inspiration from everyday events and carry them to their extremes. I use video, photography, text and installations to express what it means to create your self-image in today’s society. Habitual and ordinary things result in paradoxes, humor and unreality.

The video I Haven’t Asked for This (in cooperation with Richard Dinter) is a monologue about self-chosen childlessness. Scenes in a masquerade shop and at a florist’s allude to questions about the true nature of things and the construction of identity.

Earlier works include the video Guided Tour where I give a tour of my apartment, the collage Girl with Matches made up of 10,244 matches symbolizing all the things that I own and Thousand Times Better, a photo series of 1,000 women that I recognize myself in and stories of our encounters.