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Markus Öhrn

Markus Öhrn



Year of birth: 1972

Place of birth: Råneå

Contact: +46 (0) 70 734 59 22
markus (at)

Jock Ewing, patriarch and founder of the family empire Ewing Oil, shoulders a heavy burden. He is struggling to maintain balanced father-son relations after the shooting of J.R. But the pistol incident is not the only thing bothering Jock. How can he explain to ranch hand Ray that one false move during World War II has come back to haunt him, and that he, in fact, is Ray’s biological father? Will J.R. recover from the gunshot wound and reclaim his position as Ewing Oil CEO before Bobby gets too comfortable in the president’s office? And how will he handle the news of his ‘new’ brother?