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Tobias Törnqvist



Year of birth: 1978

Place of birth: Vänersborg

Contact: +46 (0) 73 641 94 82
tobias.t (at)

It still fascinates me to see how a pencil line can come alive and turn into a mountain or a pile of gravel under a house. It’s not a trick but it’s still magic. My way of working is like doing a jigsaw puzzle. I put my pieces together and try to find some sense in them. My images come to me from many other things – books I’ve read, films and photos I’ve seen. These images are mixed with memories of places I’ve visited or things I’ve just heard of. It can begin with a text or a melody that won’t stop playing. The beginning can come from different directions. What I like most of all is to become completely immersed in my work and feel how it comes alive. I want to be surprised by what I’m doing.