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Alexis Holmqvist

Alexis Holmqvist



Year of birth: 1980

Place of birth: Uppsala

Contact: alexis.holmqvist (at)

– A Game for Five People

The Hunter wins by catching the Prey, the Helper protects it with his body. The Destroyer runs five laps around the others and the Trickster can turn the game around by making everyone spin. Through the simple rules of a game, the complex rules of ordinary social interaction vanish. In the heat of the game there is no thinking, only doing.

The goal with Hunter was to create a direct social experience where five different tasks should intertwine. The tasks in the game are so simple that no one can get really good at them. The attention is thus diverted from the individual achievements to the interaction between the participants. To make the actions within the game intuitive and meaningful has been crucial.

During the spring around forty people have, through playing and discussing, been involved in Hunter. A design process is equally aesthetic as it is social. Social by being developed together with others and by finally reaching the audience. From the 13th to the 25th of May a playing field will be present at the Konstfack Final Show but the game actually requires no material at all. The only thing needed is five people.