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Bendik Kaltenborn

Bendik Kaltenborn



Year of birth: 1980

Place of birth: Oslo, Norway

Contact: +47 97 111 189
bendik.kaltenborn (at)

When children play they tell each other stories, mainly by improvisation. When I had to drop my toys because my body became old, I was boiling over with untold stories and let them out through making comics.

Now I’m a somewhat successful comic artist and I’m still counting on intuition, the subconsciousness and pure gut feeling rather than being too structured when telling stories. I’ve been addicted to this improvisation and not knowing the whole story when I start working on it. But for my degree project I’ve challenged myself by telling a story through an animated movie. This means less room for improvisation since the story must be 99% finished before animating.

The movie is basically about landscapes, with and without water. And about death. And stupidity, on many levels. My jazzy cousin Daniel Herskedal is conducting the music for this movie. This is his degree project at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen.