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Emelie Ek

Emelie Ek



Year of birth: 1970

Place of birth: Stockholm

Contact: +46 (0) 70 733 92 85
emelie.ek (at)

Taking the Icelandic sweater as my starting point, I have designed four personal garments for the Icelandic sisters Dodo, Gogo, Lala and Didi. Dodo was my paternal Icelandic grandmother. She and her three sisters grew up in Akranès in Iceland. The Icelandic sweater is the bond that unites them as sisters. Modifications of this sweater are what differentiates them.

I have interviewed people who were close to the sisters, and in these garments I have tried to summarise four highly complex fates. At the same time I have consistently based my work on the aesthetic of the Icelandic sweater.

Eva Åberg of som Concept sewed Dodo’s jacket and Gogo’s rucksack cardigan. Anne Throne Holst knitted Lala’s hooded sweater with its super-long sleeves. Solveig Gunnarsson knitted Didi’s little black dress with its gold edging.

The second part of the project comprised of creating a filmed fashion show using these garments. Sol/Sowlproduction created a modern interpretation of the old folksong Ridum Ridum for the film.