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Hanna Hjern

Hanna Hjern



Year of birth: 1974

Place of birth: Huddinge

Contact: hanna.hjern (at)

I leaf through the scenery of timeworn papers to gather and assemble my own sites. In my work I thrive on beauty. I take pleasure in capturing surroundings and creating significant atmospheres I can relate to.

Many years ago I made a tiny collage out of only a few pieces. I tried to seize a - for some reason - vivid childhood memory:

While having a picnic on the slope of a park with my family, I look up into the sky, detecting an airplane silently passing by above us. I picture myself viewed from afar. I feel present.

This tiny image remains dear to me. It serves as some kind of cue; an emotional reminder. Today I aim for other scenarios, but still, the cue remains.