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Helena Ohlsson

Helena Ohlsson



Year of birth: 1975

Place of birth: Bangkok, Thailand

Contact: +46(0)70 887 36 78
helena (at)

My graphic short story about a hairdresser who loses her memory is a tribute to the senses. The story – which combines my interests in character, dialogue and environment – revolves around the hairdressing salon as the location for a drama in which our roles are reinforced and maintained. At the hairdresser’s we are touched, both physically and through the conversations we are drawn into, and in this context memory plays a crucial role.

I did the drawings using a medium-hard pencil on laser‑printing paper. A ruler helps to sharpen things up. A rubber erases things, yet leaves traces of one’s attempts. Manual endeavours are something I wish to document. The fascination of seeing one’s characters come to life and setting the tone of an environment will always be driving forces for me.