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Kalle Johansson

Karl Johansson



Year of birth: 1979

Place of birth: Luleå

Contact: x (at)

Journalistrator, Illustrationist or Documentary Cartoonist

Illustrations in daily papers and magazines usually play a subordinate role to that of the text. The work of the writer comes first, and the illustrator is only involved in the process when the text is already complete. The illustration becomes a retrospective addition – something that is not a vital part of the whole but acts more as a decorative bonus. For me, as an illustrator, this is frustrating. I think illustrations have greater potential than this.

I want to make images that are as important as the text, and that are integrated into a narrative in that some parts of a course of events are reproduced pictorially and others textually. To succeed in this, I would have to be able to work with a journalist right from the start of reportage work. Or I could do the entire job myself. The result could be a comic book, for example – or a documentary comic book.