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Kilian Eng

Kilian Eng



Year of birth: 1982

Place of birth: Stockholm

Contact: +46 (0) 70 715 48 28
darkwoods (at)

The aim of my degree project is to illustrate an alternative guidebook to Stockholm that will be suitable both for visitors and for the city’s inhabitants. Stockholm’s architecture inspires me, and based on various buildings and environments I want to let my imagination run riot and give these places a new content. The result will be a mixture of fact and fiction. Environments and buildings that are well known to most people can gain new meaning and content.

I’ve had many ideas whilst ambling around Stockholm and observing all the exciting buildings. When darkness falls and all the windows light up you get small insights into the worlds behind the facades. Sometimes something crops up that differs from the norm, and you wonder what’s actually going on in there.

I principally use illustration in my work, and have recently started telling my own stories. By letting the picture speak without any text, much is left to the observer to interpret and discover independently.