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Magda Lipka Falck

Magda Lipka Falck



Year of birth: 1982

Place of birth: Stockholm

Contact: magda (at)

Man as a shell, attire. The body as bearer of cloth, facial expression, posture and other materials. Somewhere amongst the wigs and heavy dresses I try to find my way in towards the unfamiliar – man as furniture? Man as landscape? The borderland where skin gives way to materials. Representation. Mastering the role. Submission. Then a reverse movement. She’s wearing darning, cloth, skin. Seams between boundaries. Powder flows out towards her shirt hems. She bathes her gloves in lotion and cuts her trousers and wigs shorter day by day. The body as a display of materials/heroes.

A little fumbling and perhaps somewhere. Find something. A seam/boundary. In between. The dress’s folds against the skin, dusty wigs. Man as landscape/architecture. Talking about music is like dancing with architecture. That’s what they say. As if the body could be the front of a house – as pale and angular.

The pages of a book that become layer upon layer, like cloths and linings that lie very, very close to the skin. Dancing with architecture. Books as architecture, as pale and angular as a body, as alive as the front of a house.