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Martin Norrlind

Martin Norrlind



Title: Alice in Cokeland

Year of birth: 1979

Place of birth: Danderyd

Contact: +46 (0) 73 710 00 72
martin (at)

Alice in Cokeland

The commercial is an exciting form of narrative, as the genre calls for such a precise and concentrated course of events. During their time at Konstfack students are encouraged to seek their own relationship with their work, and for me this has meant finding my own approach to commercials.

For my degree project I have created Alice in Cokeland, a commercial for Coca-Cola based on Lewis Carroll’s book Alice in Wonderland. I chose Coca-Cola as it is an established product, thus allowing scope for artistic licence. In the film, which is 120‑seconds long, Alice pursues a rabbit down a drain and comes out in a digitally represented world.

The film, which is a mixture of video and 3d animation, has been financed, produced and directed by myself. My thanks to everyone who has helped!