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Sofia Fotinos

Sofia Fotinos



Year of birth: 1971

Place of birth: Athens, Greece

Contact: +46 (0) 73 772 26 59
sofiafotinos (at)

Save the Planet or Die!

Form is power. In my work this means affecting people by conveying a feeling, an opinion or suggesting a different way to see things that are already there.

My projects often take the form of interventions in the urban environment. This makes them available to everyone, indiscriminately.

My work exists at the crossroads of different disciplines such as graphic design, fine art, writing, and film, and it balances between the personal and the public. I see myself as a part of a larger system and my work as a way to comment on it.

Making things for other people to see gives me a voice and a meaning. It gives me a vision of a world that is fair, beautiful and magical. This vision is what I hope to convey to the viewer.

This is what makes design worth doing.