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Björn Torhall

Björn Torhall



Year of birth: 1979

Place of birth: Stockholm



kim, the game concept, concerns the health of children. Some of the indoor playtime should be supplemented by active outdoor discoveries in order to ensure a healthy development for children. kim, an acronym for Kids In Matrix, is about virtual as well as physical worlds. The platform is a mobile phone with gps and the level is a nearby park or forest. In order to play, the children have to walk or run between locations and interact with objects in nature. kim mixes virtual and physical experiences. I created a demo game to demonstrate the concept. The demo is called Kryp [Creaps] and the task is to create, maintain and protect an ant society.

During the process of creating kim, I engaged a school class of 9-year-old children as a focus group, to ensure that the content is attractive and accessible. The children also helped me design the game mobile phone.