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Bohné & Enlund

The degree project marks the end of an exciting journey through the design course, as well as the start of the next journey – realizing your skills in actual projects or proceeding to the next educational level.

During the undergraduate course students are trained in the fundamentals of the profession. They attend classes in form studies, functional studies, market analysis and design methodology. They are sharpening their tools and skills in sketching, presentation techniques and cad programs, and how to use the college’s workshops. They have the opportunity to question the role of design in relation to consumption, ethics and the environment. They get to carry out design projects in collaboration with companies, both individually and in groups with engineers and economists. 

In the Masters program students are encouraged to create a clearer personal profile. The courses offer marked specialization in the subject area, whereby the more general and strategic dimensions of design are emphasized and the problems are discussed. By challenging the boundaries both of their own ability and their professional role as a whole, students gain fresh insight and knowledge.

Before they can collect their sought-after degrees, both the undergraduate and the Masters students must independently initiate and carry out a degree project. These projects are chosen by the students themselves, and give them the opportunity to test their knowledge and skills and make their thoughts and visions into something concrete that reflects personal and unique qualities. The collected projects thus provide an image of what is going on in the minds of the next generation of designers. In that way, they also reflect our contemporary moment and maybe even our future.

Despite the spread of product areas and approaches, a strong common denominator comes to the fore: to become a really good designer, regardless of your field, you need great commitment to the task. The students now displaying their work definitely have this commitment!

Ulrica Bohné, Senior Lecturer in Industrial Design
Teo Enlund, Professor of Industrial Design