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Fredrik Forsman

Fredrik Forsman



Year of birth: 1975, Year of the Rabbit

Place of birth: Ponta Fina, Belgian Congo
Residence City: Stockholm
Nationality: Flemish Congolese

Contact: +46 (0) 70 641 92 99
Fredrik (at)

Credits: ELFA

Battlefield Tactics

I am a mass producer. Industrial Designer.

How come? Should we not be involved in the social debate?

Strange – as the power of consumption to an alarming degree is political.

Design – a lubricant for commerce, or a power-tool for change. The choice is ours.

I am an army officer. I have set my scope by observing the links between a consumerist society and military tactics. A commercial battleground.

Through political articles on global issues
the focus enlists:

China – The Golden Shield Project

Sweden – Mass surveillance is rising

Iraq – The transcendence of a martyr, Saddam Hussein

USA – Global Control, Boeing delivers


The designed products, of hybrid origin, embody the metaphor.

Yet, they are lamps, lamps serving as the critical catalyst between objects and the political essence, deeply rooted in a consumerist and military world.