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Jacob Feldman

Jacob Feldman



Year of birth: 1979

Place of birth: Stockholm

Contact: +46 (0) 70 415 63 88
Jacobf13 (at)

Iconic Design
– Is it Possible to Create a Design Icon?

As a designer I strive for products that are different. The meaning of differentiation, standing out among existing products and ways in which a product can differ, is one of the starting points of my degree project, Iconic Design – Is it Possible to Create a Design Icon?

Many factors are required in order to provide a product with iconic status, for example a strong launch, business strategies and, of course, time. My work looks at the icon from a designer’s point of view and possibilities. I have developed methods and tools for a design process with the aim of providing products with iconic qualities. Through them, I have challenged my approach to projects and to what I can achieve.

I tested the new design process and methods in two case studies using a camera and a smoke alarm. These two products that have not been subject to any recent design developments, which gave me the opportunity to create two new icons.