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Johan Karlsson

Johan Karlsson



Year of birth: 1981

Place of birth: Södertälje

Contact: +46 (0) 73 640 14 33
johan (at)

Pee and Go

Sit on the toilet, wait patiently, learn the tricks of squatting, leaning and covering the seat with paper. The ladies’ toilet is a product surrounded in cunning strategies. At the pub hardly anyone uses it the way it is intended. So why is it the way it is? Would a urinal work? Time and again this very debate has cropped up in gender debates, in conversations at the pub and as letters to the daily press.

Pee and Go is a degree project about women, pee, body and culture, and design as a means to change behavioral patterns.

The result is a golden urinal for women made of sanitary porcelain – a product with a design based on a background study and a design strategy for cultural change.

As a designer I am as interested in behavior as in design. Products are available everywhere and form a cornerstone of our culture. This is an opportunity to be involved and to exert influence.