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Lina Öhlund

Lina Öhlund



Year of birth: 1977

Place of birth: Helsingborg

Contact: +46 (0) 70 879 55 63
lina (at)

Schysst – Eat Good, Do Good

In my work I have specialized in concept and product development related to food. This creates scope for interdisciplinary work ranging from interior design, packaging and products through to tastes, food concepts and experiences.

The aim of my project has been to use insights into the market, consumers and future food trends to develop a concept with new associations and thereby increase interest in and consumption of local, ecologically produced food.

The result is a brand concept called Schysst [Great], a brand that takes a holistic approach to the concept of sustainability. Schysst will satisfy city-dwellers’ need for convenience and quality of life by offering innovative product concepts and ready-made meals to suit all their daily needs: breakfast, lunch, snacks and evening meal. Schysst will also act as an umbrella for people with the same values, providing a range of basic goods from other ecological and fair trade producers. Schysst will target health and well-being, and the key to good health as a holistic approach.