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Mårten Bergström

Mårten Bergström



Year of birth: 1975

Place of birth: Stockholm

Contact: +46 (0) 73 998 00 53
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Form of Sustainability

Creative energy, curiosity and a result that affects interest in people and what arises in the space between and in direct contact with the user and his/her surroundings are some of the driving forces behind my work. Designers shape the future, and as such we can help tackle one of the greatest challenges facing our generation: the essential transition to a sustainable society. Sustainability should be seen as part of a broader spectrum, where wholeness, details, satisfaction and gravity are some of the components.

Aimed at grasping some of these issues in preparation for my future career, my degree project will focus on one of the details in a complex consumer telectronic system: the cell phone – with sustainability as my introduction and keyword. My work is guided by needs adaptation, and communicative and emotional design that is linked to social development goals and the search for alternative energy sources.