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Martina Gustavsson

Martina Gustavsson



Year of birth: 1983

Place of birth: Kalmar

Contact: contact (at)

Most products are consumables that we regularly replace with newer models. Today’s product overflow challenges my role and responsibilities as an industrial designer. The current debate on how we can contribute to a sustainable society raises the question: ‘Do we have to own all our consumables, or can we borrow, share or hire them?’

Through libraries, car pools and playgrounds, we can acquire products without needing to own them. How can a hired product become attractive rather than dull and uninteresting?

With this as my starting point, I decided to focus on ice skates. Ice skates are interesting because they are already an accepted product for rent, but they have no unique identity or expression.

There are no all-round ice skates on the market today for occasional ice skaters.