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Paulin Mellgren

Paulin Mellgren



Year of birth: 1982

Place of birth: Stockholm

Contact: +46 (0) 73 958 13 31
design (at)

What do you feel when you see a baby in an incubator? Why do incubators have to look like they do?

I want to explore the incubator’s relation to people and space. Is it possible to create a link to people and let the incubator bridge the gap between parents and child? Can I recreate the feeling of life in the womb for the premature child? I want to see how the incubator is perceived when I change the materials, color and design.

I enjoy exploring how a product integrates with a milieu and the people in that milieu. My work is not confined to industrial design. I am inspired by the combination of different creative disciplines, and my designs incorporate a wide range of materials and contrasts.