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Siri Johansson

Siri Johansson



Year of birth: 1984

Place of birth: Karlstad

Contact: +46 (0) 73 042 70 57
contact (at)

A Digital Piano for the Home
 – Less Space, More Emotion.

As a future industrial designer, I am fascinated by the design process and the interaction between functionality and the communication of emotional values. It doesn’t take long to discover that these two components are inseparable and that the best results are achieved when both elements appeal to both reason and emotion.

For my degree project, I have chosen to work with a digital home piano. I have studied the practical aspects, but also explored the piano’s visual signals. Digital technology has enabled new musical expression, but the design has not progressed. How can pianos be adapted to the home environment and become a more flexible piece of furniture? What signals from the classical instrument can be utilized, and what can be changed without compromising the piano’s unique values? I am interested in how technological developments have influenced people’s relation to this product and as part of my project, have explored the user’s total experience of the instrument.