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Zuo Zhuang

Zhuang Zuo (Johnson)



Year of birth: 1983

Place of birth: Baoji, Shaanxi, China

Contact: +46 (0) 73 727 47 99
zuo.zhuang (at)


After four years of undergraduate education in China, I flew all they way to Sweden, this amazing country where you smell and taste design everywhere. From the city of Terracotta Warriors to the capital of Scandinavia, the shock wasn’t only from the snow and the cold weather, but also from the way and attitude with which people work on design. Very different to what I am used to. Here people get inspiration after a cup of coffee, sitting in the sunshine, and then come to their fantasy land. This relaxed working environment is very attractive to me.

temt – Text Enhanced Menu Telephone, my degree project, is a device that can download voice instructions and transform them into text and display them on the screen. It would benefit senior citizens and visually impaired people when they call public authorities. With the help of visual text instructions, they will know the content behind each number in order to make the right choice and move to next menu.