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Yang Wenqing

Yang Wenqing



Year of birth: 1969

Place of birth: Shanghai, China

Contact: +46 (0) 073 843 05 18
yang (at)


Before studying at Konstfack, I was fully occupied with product design. I was especially interested in how the brand, the market, the user, the manufacturing and the sales are connected in the process of product design. In 1991, I began to teach at Tongji University in Shanghai; in 1995, I co-established loe Design, specializing in the fields of product, brand, display, and environment.

The interdisciplinary concept of Experience Design is somewhat similar to the multi-speciality characteristics of loe Design. Thus, the combining of all kinds of disciplines and technologies with the aim of creating newer and richer individual experiences will be the main goal for future developments.

Project Flower2.0 is this kind of prototype. The design, trying to interact with the potential user from the very start, presents a commonly created mode. Flower2.0, composed of entity products and a virtual network, is a platform for interaction, from which the user can continuously enrich the feelings of flowers and create new experiences of flowers.