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Allende Kruuse Bravo

Allende Kruuse Bravo



Year of birth:
1970 (Boel Allende)
1975 (Emma Kruuse)
1980 (Sergio Montero Bravo)

Place of birth: Stockholm

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Better City, Better Life

For us, this year has revolved around China. It started with a desire for variation and changeover in the living environment that surrounds us. On a study trip to China we learned how the rapid social changes have given rise to the existence of parallel worlds.The issue of how parallel worlds can co-exist and collaborate turned into a theme that we have worked with throughout the year.

We applied this theme to an apartment building in an attempt to reduce segregation, increase the sense of community and possibly economize on energy. Perhaps there could be some kind of symbiosis, not only in functions but also among the residents? We turned the ideas into a proposal for the Swedish exhibition pavilion for the 2010 Shanghai World Expo. The exhibition theme, Better City, Better Life, focuses on the living conditions in the city of the future. This is our degree project, an exhibition structure that can be transformed into flexible and adaptable dwellings after the six-month run of the exhibition.