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Clara Lindencrona

Clara Lindencrona



Year of birth: 1980

Place of birth: Karlskrona

Contact: +46 (0) 70 570 58 04
clara_lindencrona (at)

Environments where various people spend time every day in their daily lives. Places which in various ways lead to meetings – planned, unplanned, desirable and undesirable, and often unpredictable and hard to influence. I’m interested in situations and events over which we have no personal control, places we end up in or find ourselves in, for various reasons, but that are hard to predict – public spaces for everyone.

A place like this that I find interesting is the medical center. In my project I’ve wanted to influence people and the context we live in through the shaping of our immediate environment. Meetings between children and old people and the mystique of aging have formed the basis of how I’ve dealt with the medical center. It’s been important to offer an environment that encourages communication and creates trust between staff and patients.