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Emilia Öster

Emilia Öster



Year of birth: 1982

Place of birth: Dalarna

Contact: +46 (0) 70 689 66 64

Black Holes

My starting point is the feeling that a place can create. In every constructed space, someone is responsible for the design. Does the feeling in the space control my actions? The feeling triggers, provokes and says something to me.

We all experience different materials and designs differently. Can we really compare our experiences? How much room do these take up in the space, and in our experience? We are all unique, yet most of us strive to be alike, happy and successful. We clean, remove and refine. Why?

In my degree project, I want to explore whether we can influence places rather than being influenced by them, adapt spaces to us rather than vice-versa? I want to look at messy, rowdy, fast-moving people and see their qualities as positive rather than negative. I want to build storage spaces that work better as users become messier.