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Jens Fager

Jens Fager



Year of birth: 1979

Place of birth: Katrineholm

Contact: office (at)

The Sphere of Gastronomy
in Palaces and Mansions

The art of gastronomy, high comfort, aesthetics in palace environments, and an exclusive restaurant experience is the dogma of my degree project.
My concentration is focused on three tactile objects that the guest finds in the area around the dining table. These objects are the rug, the dining chair and the pendant lamp, and for me these are elementary things in the dining room. The starting point for this project was the fine dining restaurant at the Julita Estate in Sörmland, Sweden. The Julita Estate, with its palace and the old distinguished apple orchard, is beautifully situated on the shore of Lake Öljaren.

The aesthetic aspects that have colored my graduation project are truth to materials, traces of historical ornaments and details from the environment of palaces and mansions. I wanted to reach a point where the past can be seen, without losing the possibility to adapt the concept to future restaurant interiors. These beautiful objects will have their place at the restaurant at the Julita Estate, but the distinguished concept will also suit a gourmet restaurant in Paris, Barcelona or Tokyo.