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Johan Amborn

Johan Amborn



Year of birth: 1976

Place of birth: Gävle

Contact: +46 (0) 73 672 38 62
johan (at)

Wheat Gluten Composite
– A Renewable Material Made of Wheat Gluten and Glycerol

3 parts wheat gluten
1 part glycerol
A pinch of color concentrate


  1. Set the hydraulic press to 120 degrees and 80 bar.
  2. Measure out glycerol, add the color and mix together thoroughly with the glycerol until the consistency is even.
  3. Pour the wheat gluten into a bowl, add the glycerol and work in a mixer/processor until the dough is homogenous.
  4. Remove the dough as quickly as possible and place in a greased compression mould.
  5. Place the mould in the hydraulic press and bake for 12 minutes. Allow the wheat-gluten composite to cool under a baking cloth.
  6. Use the product.
  7. Compost.