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Maria Olsson

Maria Olsson



Year of birth: 1979

Place of birth: Stockholm

Contact: inadesign_mariaolsson (at)

When you’re on your way to work, waiting for the underground or shopping for food you often meet new people. A number of impressions wash over you and you try to sort them with the aid of your experiences, references and memories, and based on your values, prejudices and fears. You make a quick assessment of what you see and your brain chooses to register things that deviate from the norm or that for some other reason arouse your interest. Most of the many faces that flash by are discarded – they are just other anonymous individuals you share public space with. But sometimes the unexpected happens, you meet someone’s gaze, something makes you and a stranger smile at the same thing.

I have made three items of furniture for public environments. They are transformed and become interactive – but only when two people use them simultaneously. You can be surprised by an unexpected sound, an optical illusion or a movement. They are small mediators that stimulate a meeting.